Check Live Train Running Status Online

Most Popular 15 Train of Indian Railway

Train Code
Source Destination
Varanasi Jn. New Delhi
Prayag Jn. Chandigarh
Alleppey Dhanbad Jn.
Trivandrum Central New Delhi
Amritsar Jn. Katihar Jn.
New Delhi Rajgir
Anand Vihar Terminal Sitamarhi
Shalimar Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
Patna Jn. Kota
Cst-Mumbai Howrah Jn.
New Delhi Trivandrum Central
Gwalior Jn Barauni Jn.
Rewa Anand Vihar Terminal
Howrah Jn. Dehra Dun
Jat Muri Ta
Jammu Tawi Tatanagar Jn

Spot your train at your figure tip.

The live train running status gives you real-time information of the trains. Moreover, you can also check the delay in their service if any. Apart from this, you can know the name of the station along with the timings where the train is yet to arrive and the last departure of the train. It is significant for the citizen of India to browse and know the status of the train because most of the time the train runs late.

How to locate your train via SMS?

If you want to locate your train with the help of SMS, then you need to send SMS to 139 as LOCATE, or you can also send SMS as SPOT. This will give you the train status and you can easily spot your train.

How to know the status of your train via phone

Knowing the live train status through the phone is the easiest thing. For this, you need to call at 139, and you can seek information related to any train running status. On inquiry, they will also tell you the last station the train departed which will help you to spot your train.

The explanation for the live train status

There are various things that you may find for the live train running status. Mentioned below are explanations for some of that status. They are:

  • S.No – This is nothing but the serial number of the station where the train is planned to stop.
  • Station Name & code – This means the name of the station and its code where the train stops.
  • Actual Arrival time – The actual arrival time of a train means the time when the train has reached that particular station.
  • Actual Departure time – It indicates the actual time when the train is about to depart from the station.
  • Late/Early – This means the real-time scenarios of the train, which is by how many minutes the train is running late or early that is it will give you the train running status.
  • Scheduled Arrival time – It is the time when the train is about to arrive at that station.
  • Scheduled Departure time – This means the time, which was scheduled for the train to depart from the station.
  • Halt time – It is nothing but the stoppage time of the train at a particular station.
  • Platform number – The number of the platform where the train is either scheduled or is about to arrive.
  • Enroute Day – This means the number of days that the train has covered during its journey.
  • Distance – It indicates the distance that the train has covered from the origin station.

What if you get Error or Please try later: Message / Status

There may be a certain scenario when the live train running status is not delivered in that case there may be some possibilities. They are

  • It may be possible that you entered the wrong train number.
  • Or the train may not be scheduled to run on the date that you are enquiring for.
  • There may be a possibility that the Indian railway server is either down or overloaded.

If you get an error message while making inquiry of train running status, then you must check the points that are mentioned above and then recheck for the train status after making correction of the credentials. If everything is fine then you can easily spot your train.

Example of Train Status:

Let me give you a clear example of the train status. Just imagine that you are traveling from the Sealdah to Ballia with the train number 13105 that is the Sealdah Ballia Express. Now, if you want to get info regarding this train then you just need to type 13105 in the search box and also mention the date of travel and then clicking on the submit button will give all the information of the live train status that is your train in which station Sealdah (SDAH), Barddhaman (BWN), Durgapur (DGR) or Ballia (BUI). Moreover, it will also tell you the expected time of arrival like it will reach Durgapur at 16:31 and the expected departure is scheduled just after two minutes. In addition, you can also know the distance that the train has covered, while checking the train status.

How is the real-time status of the train tracked?

You will find it quite amazing to know that the train running status is reflected with the help of the accurate GPS tracker and also the navigation system. The GPS works independently and does not require the use of telephonic or internet reception and helps to spot your train.

Which Indian Railway trains are punctual about their time?

In India, there are some premium trains which are given preferences over other trains, and the Indian Railway tries all possible effort to maintain the punctuality of these trains. For example, Rajdhani and Shatabdi are some those premium train.

1. Rajdhani Train – This is one of the fastest trains of Indian railway and India and travels at the speed of hundred and thirty to hundred and forty kilometers. This train is given priority compared to others and also have limited stop.

2. Shatabdi Train – It is an intercity train and has premium class seats, and it also makes the round trip on the same trip. It has an average speed of ninety kilometers per hour.

3. Janshatabdi Train – This train has both AC as well as Non-AC accommodation, and you can say that it is one among the affordable variety of Shatabdi Express.

4. Mail Express Train – You can find lots of train of such type in India, and they stop at only important intermediate stations.

5. Superfast Train – The trains which fall under this category has addition superfast charges, and their running speed is greater than a hundred kilometers per hour.

6. Special Train – This type of train are given to tackle the traffic at trains. If you check the live train status, you will find that they run late.

7. Heritage Train – This is the railway operated trains to preserve the history of Indian railway. When you check the live train status you will find that they do not delay because they run only on the single railway lines.

8. Premium Train – The premium trains run on their scheduled time, and you will not find a delay in their service.

A rough idea regarding Indian Railways

Indian Railway is nothing but India’s national railway system which is operated only by the Ministry of Railways. You will be amazed to know that the Indian railway manages the fourth largest network in the world compared to the size which is not less than sixty-seven kilometers. And almost thirty percent of the train routes that exist are either double or triple lines.